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That feeling you get when you finally complete a story

I started writing Little Hackers way back in November. Finally wrote the last sentence of the story today.

I had an ending planned out. I knew I needed a cliffhanger ending since this is book one of a planned trilogy. But the ending I originally planned was a bit of a downer. I wrote what could have been my last sentence and coming from a romance writing background, I needed an HEA or at least a happy for now ending to go with that cliffhanger. I think I finally found way to pull that off today.

So now Little Hackers is in the hands of my 12 year old son, who volunteered to be my editor. He took a look at the first few pages tonight and he is a little comma crazy but generally has a good eye for picking out my errors and typos. I think for my first attempt in the Young Adult sci-fi market, I might self-publish Little Hackers. It’s very easy to do these days and doesn’t have the stigma or high price it once did. However, right now Little Hackers only has a target market of a 12 year old boy who encouraged me to write this story. If he loves it, I’ll be a happy author mom 🙂