Cruising with NANOWRIMO story

Just past the 8k mark now. Flying through story and plot. It’s fun to be writing again and enjoying the material that I’m writing. And loving all four of my teenage hacker main characters. Writing is a joy again and not a chore 🙂


Venturing outside of romance for a more mainstream teenage science fiction tale

So because PJ really wants me to work on a non romance book, I’m attempting something completely different for my National Novel Writing Month project this year. We’ll see how it goes. I foresee this as a trilogy of books and possibly a hint of romance will work in by book 3. It’s about a group of four teenage kids trained to tackle cyber crime and information security by the US government. First book they’ll have to take on a crook who’s stealing millions from the government, second book they’ll deal with rogue androids who are trying to steal their identies, third and final book- a super computer virus threatening to wipe out the entire Internet. I think this will be fun to write 🙂

Autumnal and all hallow’s eve greetings my friends

Greetings from the land of patchwork colored trees, pumpkins, apple cider, and hay rides. I know I don’t blog enough and have taken a bit of a break from writing in general, but had to send out autumnal and Halloween greetings to my family and friends. I love this time of year. Creativity gives me that spark I need to create cool costumes for myself and son as well as to decorate the yard. Will the autumn season give me new inspiration to write? I do have a few ideas so we shall see 🙂 Oh and posted below are some pictures of our haunted home decor and costumes this year. It’ll be a Pokemon year as I’m dressing like Officer Jenny and PJ’s dressing like Red, the trainer from the early Pokemon games 🙂





Happy St. Patrick’s Day from a gal who loves green ogres

Happy Saint Patrick’s day everyone! While I’m not Irish at all, we did enjoy a day of looking at greenery on a bike ride along the Ohio and Erie Canal 🙂 And this is just a friendly promotional reminder too that my favorite green hero is still available in print and e-book format here. You may now go back to partaking of your green beer 😉 Oh and another friendly reminder, while looking for reviews on my book I did find it on some Internet piracy sites being offered as a free download. I plan on reporting them and nipping this in the bud but please keep in mind that I do not receive any royalties from these piracy sites and me and my awesome editor put a lot of hard work into the novel. Again though, have a happy St. Pat’s day and if you enjoy green heroes, I hope you’ll check out my novel ;D

One week before Christmas and….

Shopping is done, most of the gifts are wrapped, and gifts were sent to our West Coast family. I haven’t wrapped my son’s gifts yet. Probably do so after my husband sees them. I still have to make tiramisu to bring to my sister’s house on Christmas day and figure out what I’m bringing to the potluck luncheon at work. But other than the cooking, I’m proud that it’s done with a week to spare. Happy Holidays to my family and friends and hope you holiday plans are going as smoothly 🙂

Different kinds of love

I was thinking about this topic last night while reading my old diary entries. Or maybe because it’s the season of love and peace.
In high school, if a guy I dated said they loved me first, it was easy to say I loved them back. It wasn’t a lie no matter how things eventually worked out. I did love those guys but differently from how I loved my husband. The definition of platonic love is love without any sexual feelings. That’s how I felt about any guy I said I loved in the past.
Even today, I can still love in a platonic way. There are guys I love like brothers and girls I love like sisters.
And then there’s my husband. The guy I met when I was 19 yrs old. From the day I met him I had strong, passionate feelings for him. I thought he was extremely handsome and sexy. As I got to know him, the spiritual platonic love worked it’s way into my heart too. He’s been sweet, smart, silly, and always caring and giving. I guess I’m lucky to be married to my best friend. A guy I can share my passion with as well as my life. Isn’t that what any girl wants? Merry Christmas my friends and may you all experience the passionate and platonic forms of love always 🙂