Autumnal and all hallow’s eve greetings my friends

Greetings from the land of patchwork colored trees, pumpkins, apple cider, and hay rides. I know I don’t blog enough and have taken a bit of a break from writing in general, but had to send out autumnal and Halloween greetings to my family and friends. I love this time of year. Creativity gives me that spark I need to create cool costumes for myself and son as well as to decorate the yard. Will the autumn season give me new inspiration to write? I do have a few ideas so we shall see 🙂 Oh and posted below are some pictures of our haunted home decor and costumes this year. It’ll be a Pokemon year as I’m dressing like Officer Jenny and PJ’s dressing like Red, the trainer from the early Pokemon games 🙂






One week before Christmas and….

Shopping is done, most of the gifts are wrapped, and gifts were sent to our West Coast family. I haven’t wrapped my son’s gifts yet. Probably do so after my husband sees them. I still have to make tiramisu to bring to my sister’s house on Christmas day and figure out what I’m bringing to the potluck luncheon at work. But other than the cooking, I’m proud that it’s done with a week to spare. Happy Holidays to my family and friends and hope you holiday plans are going as smoothly 🙂