Writing in the adult genre again while I wait for my son to edit my YA story

I had an idea for a more grownup romance about a widow who takes in a vampire as her tenant and falls in love with him. I worked on it a little bit today and will see where the story will take me. I have a few basic ideas on the plot ;). Enjoy and let me know what you think. Keep in mind this is the first draft. I’ll revise away later but want to know how the setup works.

Chapter One
“Tyler Joseph Mirectti, what did you just do and why I am suddenly getting e-mails from Widowed but interested in dating.com?” The flood of e-mails that Charlotte got when she first turned on her tablet was ridiculous. Why would her son even think she was ready to date yet?
Tyler stepped up to the dining room table wearing his oversized OSU t-shirt and a sheepish grin on his face. Charlotte noted that he hadn’t bothered to brush his black hair yet, but she also sadly noticed how his cowlick badly stuck up in the back, just like his late father’s hair once had. Having her son around was a blessing and a constant reminder of the life she’d had with Thomas, but he would be headed off to college in the fall. Leaving her alone in a huge house. Maybe that was his reasoning for signing her up for an online dating site.
“Did you read any of the e-mails yet?” he asked, peering at the screen of her tablet with the keen eyes of a young hawk.
“No. I told you I don’t need a boyfriend. I met your father on chance. A true twist of fate and he gave me all the love I need to get me through the rest of my life. If I meet another guy who I happen to get along with on chance, then I wouldn’t rule the possibility of dating again. I doubt I could ever fall in love with anyone else like how I did with your father, but I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of companionship.”
Tyler rolled his eyes. “Mom, you need someone to look after you and this big old century house that’s falling apart. I know you loved Dad and of course I loved him too, but who’s gonna be the man of house when I’m at college?”
Charlotte grinned and pointed to the huge, black and white tabby cat sitting on the window seat. “Buster.” She walked over to the cat and started scratching him on his favorite spot, right behind his ears. Buster purred with approval. “He’s been sleeping in your dad’s spot in bed for the past two years anyway.”
“Can Buster fix any mechanical or plumbing issues that may arise while I’m at college?” He lifted the tablet and pointed to the e-mails. “It wouldn’t hurt to choose one random e-mail and read it. You never know. That’s why I signed you up for this site.”
“Look, maybe I’ll find a mechanically inclined tenant for the apartment above the old carriage house. I’m hoping I will.” She’d put the ad out in the local newspaper last week. And posted the rental notice on a few websites as well. A handyman tenant of sorts would certainly be a more practical solution then looking for a boyfriend.
“Any takers on the apartment yet?”
“No but I’m hopeful. Finding a tenant who can bring in the extra money is a better idea then looking at a dating site and meeting some guy I might have to waste money on.”
Tyler sighed. “You may meet a gentleman. You never know. I just don’t want you being lonely too while I’m away. It’s been a year mom. It’s time to move on.”
Charlotte put her arm around her son’s shoulder. “I won’t be lonely. I have my memories of your dad and I know he’s looking out for me. And then there’s Buster.” She glanced at the cat who rolled over on his belly, exposing his soft white tummy. She laughed and rubbed Buster’s belly. “He’ll keep me company. I’ll be okay even if I don’t date.”
“But what if you do meet someone you like on a random way, like you did with Dad?”
“Then maybe I’ll be willing to date again. Until then, trust me kiddo, I’ll be okay.”
“All right. I guess I’ll delete your profile.”
“Thanks. But you need to pack first. You have a lot of stuff to pack but please leave Buster behind.”
Tyler shrugged and rubbed Buster’s belly. “He’s been your cat since dad died. And I know it. I’m willing to surrender him and let him be the man of the house.”
She kissed her son’s cheek. “Thanks kiddo.”
Malachi stared at his family’s mausoleum and frowned. The gold plated last name on front, Sturmer, tried to beckon him to unlock the gate, and slip into his old humble coffin before the dawn broke. But since that some stupid kid’s Halloween prank awakened him from a self-exiled twenty year sleep last year, he’d decided to make an attempt to fit into normal society again. He found a decent enough job for a vampire trying to pose as a human, as a paramedic. But the velvet lined coffin and cold marble crypts no longer gave him any pleasure. What he needed was a real home. With four-walls, a cozy bed, maybe a fireplace. A kitchen with a refrigerator to store his blood stash would be nice too. How would he find a home in this modern age? He turned and walked towards the cemetery gates supposing he’d have to start with a wonderful resource called the internet. It was how he’d found his new job.


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