funny how sometimes teenage boy characters have a mind of their own ….

Probably the last unedited excerpt from Little Hackers that I’ll be posting because NANOWRIMO is almost over with and the story is winding down too.

I didn’t want Parker to kiss Darcy one last time at the train station. I thought way too cliche. But Parker had a mind of his own and I wrote the “oh to heck with it line.” before I could stop myself. Enjoy and feel free to post any comments you may have 🙂

It was a bittersweet goodbye all the way around at the station. There was so much that Parker wanted to tell both Darcy and Nate. They wouldn’t even be taking the same trains. Darcy was just taking the metro to get home since she lived so close by. Nate was taking the northern hyper train and Parker was taking the westward bound train. He wanted to kiss Darcy goodbye the way that Humphrey Bogart had kissed Ingrid Bergman goodbye in that old black and white movie his mom loved so much. But he wasn’t as an old pro at that sort of thing.

Instead, she lightly kissed his cheek, shivers raced down his spine at the touch of her warm, soft lips on his face. “I’ll call you when I get home. I have your contact file saved in my iHear now. This won’t be goodbye forever.”

“Are you going to break up with your boyfriend when you get home?” He hated asking Darcy that question but he had to know where he stood with her.

She nodded and flashed him a shy little smile that warmed his heart. “I am. I never loved Michael. I can see that now.”

Oh to heck with it. He pulled Darcy in close and gave her what he hoped would be a kiss she’d never forget. Urgently, he caressed and explored every inch of her mouth with his tongue. Swearing he’d never forget how her lips tasted sweeter than pumpkin pie or how her hair smelled all flowery and girly. He only broke away when Nate cleared his throat.

“All right, Romeo,” Nate teased. “Stop kissing Juliet or else you’ll both miss your trains.”

“Would that be such a bad thing?” Parker asked.

“They’ll find us and send us home anyway,” Darcy replied. “We can’t run away like Romeo and Juliet did. That story didn’t have the happiest of endings.”

“What about us, Darcy? Will we have a happy ending?”

She gave him a little smile, grabbed her bag, and blew him a kiss. “It’s too soon to tell.”

Then she walked over to her Metro platform, leaving Parker with only the awesome view of her cute little backside until she boarded her train. He wished he could wave goodbye to her one last time, but the train took off too quickly and he couldn’t see her at all through the dark windows.


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