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Happy St. Patrick’s Day from a gal who loves green ogres

Happy Saint Patrick’s day everyone! While I’m not Irish at all, we did enjoy a day of looking at greenery on a bike ride along the Ohio and Erie Canal 🙂 And this is just a friendly promotional reminder too that my favorite green hero is still available in print and e-book format here. You may now go back to partaking of your green beer 😉 Oh and another friendly reminder, while looking for reviews on my book I did find it on some Internet piracy sites being offered as a free download. I plan on reporting them and nipping this in the bud but please keep in mind that I do not receive any royalties from these piracy sites and me and my awesome editor put a lot of hard work into the novel. Again though, have a happy St. Pat’s day and if you enjoy green heroes, I hope you’ll check out my novel ;D