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One week before Christmas and….

Shopping is done, most of the gifts are wrapped, and gifts were sent to our West Coast family. I haven’t wrapped my son’s gifts yet. Probably do so after my husband sees them. I still have to make tiramisu to bring to my sister’s house on Christmas day and figure out what I’m bringing to the potluck luncheon at work. But other than the cooking, I’m proud that it’s done with a week to spare. Happy Holidays to my family and friends and hope you holiday plans are going as smoothly 🙂


Different kinds of love

I was thinking about this topic last night while reading my old diary entries. Or maybe because it’s the season of love and peace.
In high school, if a guy I dated said they loved me first, it was easy to say I loved them back. It wasn’t a lie no matter how things eventually worked out. I did love those guys but differently from how I loved my husband. The definition of platonic love is love without any sexual feelings. That’s how I felt about any guy I said I loved in the past.
Even today, I can still love in a platonic way. There are guys I love like brothers and girls I love like sisters.
And then there’s my husband. The guy I met when I was 19 yrs old. From the day I met him I had strong, passionate feelings for him. I thought he was extremely handsome and sexy. As I got to know him, the spiritual platonic love worked it’s way into my heart too. He’s been sweet, smart, silly, and always caring and giving. I guess I’m lucky to be married to my best friend. A guy I can share my passion with as well as my life. Isn’t that what any girl wants? Merry Christmas my friends and may you all experience the passionate and platonic forms of love always 🙂

Blogging at the cozy page on Friday and why I like getting dressed up :)

I was working on some questions for my guest spot at my friend Amber’s Cozy Blog Page and was just thinking about a reply I wrote to one of her questions. I told her that my heroine’s perfect date would be to get dressed up and go to a fancy ball or banquet. That would be my reply too.

Granted dinner and movie nights are fun but how often does a girl get to shake the dust off that little black dress or bring out the diamonds and pearls? I have to get dressed up tomorrow night for an awards banquest for my hubby’s company. Little black dress- check.

Little Black DressI had one already but when Phil told me I could go shopping for a new dress while he went suit shopping with the boys from work, I was all for it.  Shopping isn’t really my thing but this was the first dress I tried on and liked and it got a thumbs up approval from PJ who suffered through shopping with his mom :).

Next hair styling- Check- Mom brought the bangs back for me and got rid of my split ends. Updo scheduled for 2 pm tomorrow at the little salon in the plaza where I work.

Makeup- check. Took advatage of a buy one get one sale on cover girl at CVS to stock up. And supervision for PJ while Phil and are out- check. My friend Dawn’s teenage daughter will be watching the munchkin. She’s a good girl and she’s watched PJ before.

So will I be all set and ready to get dressed up for an awards banquet to support my hubby, you bet :). I really do enjoy getting dressed up and attempting to look like a princess 😀